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New watercolor sketches

This is a series of watercolor paintings I did for that children’s book, continued.


Penguins Pandaenomium

One night the penguins break out of their cage and run rampant.

This scene is of the tourists who get their first view of penguins ever at that World’s fair.  I just used simple washes to show shapes amongst the sunshine as it beat down on the people on a bright day.  You can see the faint shapes of the penguins in the cage in the background.

Fourth watercolor sketch

This is the crowd approaching the World’s Fair on opening day where they’re about to encounter the penguins for the first time.

This is a jump in the narrative, after the penguins are taken from Antarctica by ship, they arrive by train in Paris.  I didn’t want to use black as it’d come off too dark so I opted for purple instead.

This is a painting of a ship coming into an Antarctica bay to do a sweep of penguins and I like the moody colors in the background.  The surreal mix of blues and purples emanating from the ice.

This is the first page of a children’s book I was working on, involving penguins who were swept up and taken to the World’s Fair in Paris, 1889.  It’s just a profile of one of the penguins in his natural habitat.