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It’s well into daytime now and the penguins are running out into crowds and exploring the city as it is.


The penguins are about to ambush a french fishmonger in his place of business in their pursuit of fish.

I happen to be a fan of giraffes and this isn’t the first one I’ve done.  I did one for a family member a long time ago and I wanted to do another one.  The giraffe has a bird perched on its neck and he’s based on the savannah.

I did a life study with a carnival glass tiered tray with fruit and roses.  The image is a little blurry so I may have to rescan the original and repost it.  But I’m putting this one up for now.  Hope you all like it.

I saw an picture of a cat resting and being rather tranquil on a seagreen chair and I liked the image so I captured it in pastels.  I hope it comes off as same to you too

This is two scenes in Paris that the penguins happened upon.  One is the infamous Opera House and the other is a walkway by the Seine River.

This is a collage of the variety in penguins that broke out and absconded into the dark of night.

I saw an image of a juxaposition of candy lollipops that struck me and I liked the interesting translucent appearance they had, like glass.  I wanted to capture it in watercolor.  I’m posting it for all to check out.

I did a pastel drawing of a logo in the form of a chocolate chip cookie on the front for a catalog for a company that had an open invitation for artists to submit artwork for their covers, and it includes a tranquil drawing of a glass of milk on the back.  There was also open space so the company could insert product placements around or by the milk as they chose to and the mailing label.